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Garage | 21

In 2018 Garage|21 formed its dance company.

During these first three years, Garage21 dance co. had produced an equal number of performances that all received a warm welcome from the audience. 


*This period the company works for its new production which will premiere in 2022.

"Ǝ V A"

The solo performance Ǝ V A is the narration in a story of wandering, an extension and prolongation beyond what is normal. It is a journey and an effort to exist in new surroundings or even to rebuild an existence through a new landscape.
The heading title of the work is inspired by the name of the protagonist, bringing the element of the remnants that her body carries from its previous journeys and at the same time the mirroring image of it, refers to the latin word Ave, bringing the element of a farewell to the past and a greeting to new beginnings.



    '''ƎVA'' premiered at the 27th international Kalamata dance festival in July 2021.


Performance credits:

Concept & performance: Evangelia Rantou 
Artistic collaborator: Mary Rantou
Original Music score: Sotiris Kalodikis (Sotus Bo) 
Lighting design: Antonis Chondroyiannis 
Filmography & video editing: Myrto Gatsiou 
Set & costume design: Evangelia Rantou
Production: Garage|21

*With the support of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture for 2020-21

"Φφ - Between Space & Time it is all movement"

The idea of the project"Φφ - Between Space & Time it is all movement" emerged after 81 days of kinesiological pause and abstinence.

It is the antithesis of an interruption that caused nostalgia for a body that is kinetically active, strong, and present, with the main desire of the absolute connection with the music that accompanies it.



    '''Φφ''  premiered at Rena Vlahopoulou | Mon Repo on August 2020.


Performance credits:

choreography: Evangelia Randou
performers: Elina Vlanti, Antzela Vrachlioti, Evangelia Randou

assistant choreographer: Mary Randou
ligths design: Antonis Chondrogiannis
video teaser/photos: Myrto Gatsiou
production: Garage21


"Her" A portrait of changes

The project “Her: A portrait of changes attempts to create a kaleidoscope of images and formations among the three performers, who constantly change and transform themselves as an undivided organization or as beings.



 "Her" was created with the support of NEON organisation, in the framework of the program NEONgrands2018 / 19, and was presented in the Spring & Summer of 2019 in Corfu in 7 sold-out performances.


Performance credits:

Concept-choreography: Evangelia Rantou
Performers/contributors : Melina Kyrtata, Natali Mandila, Mary Rantou
Sound design: Sotus Bo
Light design : Antonis Chondrogiannis
Video: Michael Kapetanidis
Photography : Giorgos Terzis
Graphic Design: Vasia Milliou
Production: Garage | 21

* NEON Grants scheme 2018/2019

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