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                                    Garage | 21 dance company was created in 2018.


    The vision of the company is to promote the art of dance through various artistic activities as well as to support and present          emerging creators & performers of the contemporary dance scene through collaborations that it seeks.

    Company last 3 years have received the support of NEON organisation & the Hellenic Ministry of Culture.

Who we are...


Evangelia and Mary Randou was born in Corfu Island. They graduated from the State School of Dance in Athens while at the same time they were interested in various kinds of artistic practices. 

They are co-founders of Garage Performing Arts Center and Garage21 dance company. 

Their background as professional dancers and their experience as freelancers was a benefit to recognize the need to support dance professionals and creators, 

as well as the potential of a growing audience in a distant place like Corfu Island.

That was the motivation for the inception of the Garage Performing Arts Center - a former auto repair space, was transformed by them, into a playground for dance dedicated to dance professionals, creators, and people who love to dance.

Evangelia Randou,  since 2003 is collaborating as performer/assistant director with Dimitris Papaioannou and since 2005 as a dancer/assistant choreographer with Alexandra Waierstall, participated in many international festivals around the world.

Among others, she has collaborated with Yiorgos Lanthimos & Athina Tsagari in their films Kinetta, Attenberg & The Capsule in leading roles, and, Robert Wilson & Lucinda Childs in the project Bach 6 solo, production of Theatre de la Ville in Paris.

Mary Randou, since 2004 has collaborated as a dancer/performer in many productions of Greek and foreign choreographers participated in many international festivals and organisations in Europe.


She was an assistant director, for the opening ceremony of the Paralympics Games 2004 in Athens and at the choreography team of Dimitris Papaioannou, for the European games, Baku 2015.

As a choreographer, among others, she has collaborations in theatrical and music performances, as well as in films and video dance projects, her work has been presented in international dance festivals.


As directors of Garage Performing Arts Center (mainly through the residency program) for more than seven years, they managed to be a part of an ongoing artistic process that also led the local community to come across different cultures and artistic viewpoints.


As presenters, they believe they have earned the respect and trust of the Corfu audience.

During these first three years, Garage21 dance company had produced an equal number of performances that all received a warm welcome from the audience.

This period Mary & Evangelia works for its new production which will premiere in 2022.

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